Complete Textbooks

Lessons 1 to 8 will be available on January 23, 2023. Full textbook as one PDF will be published after Holy Week

We strongly encourage all teachers to access lessons through the "Lessons by Grade" or "Lessons by Topic" links. The "Lessons by Grade" in particular has the Learning Outcomes for each lesson as well as Lesson Resources that are expected to also be used.

Grade 1
Our Wonderful World
Grade 5
Jesus Our Savior
Grade 9
Our Identity and Purpose
Grade 2
God Cares for Us
Grade 6
Our Sacramental Life
Grade 10
We are the Body of Christ
Grade 3
Made in His Image
Grade 7
Reflecting Christ
Grade 11
Work out our Salvation
Grade 4
Our Family in Church
Grade 8
The Symbol of Faith
Grade 12
Our Life in the World to Come