4th Grade

Holy Matrimony

G4.LO1 - Understand the meaning of Holy Matrimony.

G4.LO2 - Learn about the two parts of the service of Holy Matrimony.

G4.LO3 - Introduce the symbolism behind the minnu and manthrakodi.

Holy Confession

G4.LO4 - Understand what Confession and Repentance are.

G4.LO5 - Understand the role of a priest in Confession.

G4.LO6 - Relate the Parable of the Prodigal Son (Loving Father) to Confession.


G4.LO7 - Discuss how remembrance of the departed is an act of love.

G4.LO8 - Outline and illustrate the funeral service.

Consecration of the Building of the Church

G4.LO9 - Compare and Contrast the House of God (Consecrated Church) Vs. House of Prayer (Non-Consecrated Church).

G4.LO10 - Outline the four parts of the consecration of the Church, especially laying of the foundation stone of the Church.

G4.LO11 - Understand why the Church is oriented East-West and why we face East during Prayer.

Circumcision/Naming of our Lord (Gazurthe)

G4.LO12 - Relate that the Naming of our Lord is always celebrated on January 1 because this is the 8th day of birth.

G4.LO13 - Understand it is a continuation of Jewish tradition.

G4.LO14 - Indicate this is when babies in Jewish tradition would be given their names.

G4.LO15 - Identify the name "Jesus" means savior.

Ascension (Sooloqo)

G4.LO16 - Describe the Feast of Ascension.

G4.LO17 - Identify the symbolism in the Ascension icon.

Pentecost (Siom Boorke)

G4.LO18 - Know that Pentecost is celebrated 50 days after Easter Sunday.

G4.LO19 - Understand the Tower of Babel in relation to Pentecost.

G4.LO20 - Recognize the meanings of the icon of Pentecost.

Transfiguration (Mtale)

G4.LO21 - Know that Transfiguration is celebrated on August 6th.

G4.LO22 - Identify main characters in the story (Jesus, Peter, James, John, Moses, Elijah).

G4.LO23 - Identify main events of the story.

G4.LO24 - Introduce the icon of the Transfiguration.

Assumption/Dormition of the Theotokos (Shoonoyo)

G4.LO25 - Know that St. Mary was a regular human being and she is not a goddess.

G4.LO26 - Recognize that we do not worship St. Mary, rather venerate her and seek for her intercession.

G4.LO27 - Know the significance of the date August 15th.

G4.LO28 - Understand the importance of Shunoyo Fast.

Fasting and Prayer

G4.LO29 - Define what is fasting.

G4.LO30 - Identify the different kinds of fasting.

G4.LO31 - Identify the five canonical (obligatory) fasts.

Denominational Studies

G4.LO32 - Understand that not everyone has the same faith and beliefs as we have.

G4.LO33 - Recognize that Orthodoxy is the continuation of the Ancient Church.

G4.LO34 - Know that we only receive sacraments in the Oriental Orthodox Churches.

Syriac Liturgical Traditions

G4.LO35 - Understand the basic context of Liturgy as well as liturgical tradition.


G4.LO36 - Define what is Monasticism.

G4.LO37 - Identify the different levels of monks.

G4.LO38 - Illustrate how the life of St. John the Baptist exemplifies monasticism.


G4.LO39 - Identify the major sections of the Bible.

G4.LO40 - Familiarize the use of Scripture in the Holy Qurbana.

Church Fathers

G4.LO41 - Explain how Church Fathers are great teachers and leaders of the Holy Church. who taught the faith through prayerful meditations and contemplation.

G4.LO42 - Understand that participants of the Holy Synods, that defined and refuted the faith of the Church, are main Church Fathers.

G4.LO43 - Name some of the main Church Fathers.