6th Grade

Holy Baptism

G6.LO1 - Explain how Holy Baptism is rebirth and regeneration.

G6.LO2 - Explain how Holy Baptism is initiation into Eternal Life.

G6.LO3 - Identify the significance of the role of our "Baptismal Garment".

G6.LO4 - Discuss the Orthodox Church's practice of infant baptism.

Holy Chrismation

G6.LO5 - Examine and describe the service of Chrismation.

G6.LO6 - Draw connection between the service of Chrismation and consecration of churches as both people and the church building becoming the temple of God.

G6.LO7 - Investigate the process of making Holy Chrism.

Holy Qurbana

G6.LO8 - Analyze how the Holy Qurbana is communion with the whole Church, both living and the departed.

G6.LO9 - Examine the quote "The Eucharist is the mystery of the Kingdom, the fullness and manifestation of the Church as the age to come." (Fr. Alexander Schmemann)

G6.LO10 - Discover the deeper meaning of the symobology of the Liturgy, and how it ties to our Salvation.

G6.LO11 - Discover a deeper understanding of how and why we prepare oursevles to receive the Holy Qurbana.

Holy Matrimony

G6.LO12 - Correlate the love of husband and wife to that of Christ and the Church.

G6.LO13 - Correlate communion in Marriage to the perfect communion of Holy Trinity.

G6.LO14 - Illustrate that Marriage is a Sacrament and a path to holiness.

Holy Confession

G6.LO15 - Connect confession of sins with healing from sins .

G6.LO16 - Trace the authority of binding and loosing sins given by Christ to the priest through apostolic succession.

G6.LO17 - Illustrate the unconditional love in forgiveness.

Holy Priesthood

G6.LO18 - Relate the General Priesthood of all the faithful to the particular Priesthood of the specially called ones.

G6.LO19 - Draw the connection to the Priest as the presence of Christ in community.

G6.LO20 - Examine the different orders of the Priesthood.

G6.LO21 - Extrapolate the scriptural instances of the Laying of Hands to the Order of the Laying of Hands (Ordination)

Holy Unction

G6.LO22 - Explain when and how this Sacrament shall be conducted.

G6.LO23 - Analyze the purpose of this Sacrament.

G6.LO24 - Describe the process of how the service is conducted.


G6.LO25 - Analyze the hymns of the Funeral Service and the concept of saying farewell to our departed ones.

G6.LO26 - Explore what it means to grieve with hope.

G6.LO27 - Compare and Contrast burial vs cremation.

Consecration of the Building of the Church

G6.LO28 - Identify details of the four parts of the consecreation service and understand that everything has a biblical foundation.

G6.LO29 - Realize that the consecration of the Church is consecration of each faithful too.

G6.LO30 - Discover the significance of the consecration of the Holy Tablet.

G6.LO31 - Examine the Church Design & Architecture.

Blessing of the Home

G6.LO32 - Connect the significance of the Holy Trinity visiting Abraham and Jesus visiting the house of Zachaeus to the blessing of the home.

G6.LO33 - Examine how the blessing of the house is welcoming God.


G6.LO34 - Explain the symbolism that we see throughout the Church.

G6.LO35 - Discuss and articulate the vestments as armor of God.

G6.LO36 - Examine how we have our own "vestment".