3rd Grade

Final Judgment

G3.LO1 - Understand that Christ will come again (Second Coming).

G3.LO2 - Associate that when Christ comes again the Final Judgment occurs.

G3.LO3 - Explain that Final Judgment is for the living and the departed.

G3.LO4 - Introduce that the Final Judgment is not a punishment but rather the consequence of our sinfulness and refusal to go back to God.

Life after Death

G3.LO5 - Understand that death is our separation from this life and we continue to be alive with the God.

G3.LO6 - Recognize that the Christians who died are called the departed. Therefore, we pray for them so that we and they are praying together to be with God.

G3.LO7 - Understand that even after death the departed live because they have faith and so do we.

G3.LO8 - Learn the prayer: Oh! Merciful Lord, renew Your creation on the day of resurrection…

Holy Unction

G3.LO9 - Understand the Sacrament of Holy Unction.

G3.LO10 - Recognize the significance of the Oil of Anointing.

Presentation in the Temple (Ma'altho)

G3.LO11 - Tell the story of the Presentation of the Lord into the Temple.

G3.LO12 - Identify Saints Simeon, Anna, Mary and Joseph.

G3.LO13 - Explain the Temple and what it meant.

G3.LO14 - Know that Mayaltho is celebrated on February 2nd because it is 40 days after the Birth of Christ.

Triamphal Entry of our Lord into Jerusalem (Ooshaino)

G3.LO15 - Understand that Hosanna and Palm Sunday are the same feast commemorating the entry of our Lord into Jerusalem.

G3.LO16 - Identify that Hosanna is the start of Holy Week.

G3.LO17 - Understand that Christ displays His humility when he rode on a donkey.

G3.LO18 - Define the word Ooshaino/Hosanna

G3.LO19 - Identify the significance of palm leaves/throwing flowers.

Passover (Pesaha)

G3.LO20 - Understand the story of Passover.

G3.LO21 - Know that the Passover falls on a Thursday.

G3.LO22 - Understand that the Passover was the Thursday before Good Friday and Feast of Holy Resurrection.

G3.LO23 - Identify the significance of the Feast of Passover to Holy Qurbana.

Great Friday (A'rubtho Rabtho Dazqeephutho)

G3.LO24 - Explore the liturgy of Great Friday.

G3.LO25 - Listen to and learn some Hymns of Great Friday.

G3.LO26 - Express our submission and devotion by bowing before God and before the Holy Cross.

G3.LO27 - Learn the song in the Holy Week Kauma "Lok Mor Theshubahtho" "Glory to You Lord Glory".

Holy Saturday (Shabtho d'sbartho)

G3.LO28 - Identify that Holy Saturday is the day after Good Friday and before the Resurrection.

G3.LO29 - Understand that Holy Saturday is the day that Jesus went to Hades and preached to all the departed.

G3.LO30 - Recognize that this is a day when all the departed are remembered in the Church.

G3.LO31 - Explain why Holy Qurbana is celebrated on Holy Saturday.

Resurrection (Qyamtha)

G3.LO32 - Explain how Jesus defeated death by His death and Resurrection.

G3.LO33 - Connect the Incarnation (Christmas) to the Resurrection (Easter).

G3.LO34 - Understand that Jesus defeated death because He did not sin.

G3.LO35 - Understand parts of the Icon of the Resurrection.


G3.LO36 - Define Sin.

G3.LO37 - Illustrate why sin causes us to be in disunion with God and our neighbor.


G3.LO38 - Observe how we resolve disagreements in the church.

G3.LO39 - Discuss the role of a council, local and ecumenical in resolving issues in the Church.

G3.LO40 - Recognize the names of the councils of Nicea, Constantinople, and Ephesus.

Malankara Orthodox Church History

G3.LO41 - Know that St. Thomas came to India in AD 52 and established 8 churches.

G3.LO42 - Understand the Coonan Cross Oath.

G3.LO43 - Recognize that His Holiness the Catholicos (Bava Thirumeni) is successor to St. Thomas the Apostle.

G3.LO44 - Identify the saints of our Church.

Oriental Orthodox Church History

G3.LO45 - Introduce important fathers mentioned in the fifth (diptych) Thubden.

G3.LO46 - Name the members of the Oriental Orthodox family.

G3.LO47 - Understand that we are in communion with Oriental Orthodox Churches.

Holy Qurbana

G3.LO48 - Understand that Liturgy is the joyful "work of the people", and that together we prepare to join in communion with our Lord.

G3.LO49 - Model and practice the gestures of the Liturgy.

G3.LO50 - Understand the structure and order of the Liturgy.