2nd Grade


G2.LO1 - Generalize the life of St. Mary.

G2.LO2 - Understand that she is the Mother of God.

G2.LO3 - Recognize that she is an example for all of us to be like.

G2.LO4 - Understand that she is the primary intercessor to Christ on our behalf.

G2.LO5 - Recite Peace be with you Mary, full of Grace...

G2.LO6 - Recognize that we are never too young to experience the Holy Spirit.

Holy Baptism

G2.LO7 - Remember that Holy Baptism is one's entrance into the Church.

G2.LO8 - Identify the major events associated with Baptism.

Holy Chrismation

G2.LO9 - Understand the meaning of the word “Chrismation”.

G2.LO10 - Understand Chrismation happens along with Holy Baptism.

G2.LO11 - Understand the very special oil symbolizing the Holy Spirit.

G2.LO12 - Recognize the connection between anointing and sanctification.

Holy Qurbana

G2.LO13 - Understand the meaning of the words Holy Qurbana, Holy Eucharist, and Divine Liturgy.

G2.LO14 - Recognize how the word "Communion" teaches us that we have a deeper interaction and relationship with each other and with God.

G2.LO15 - Understand the Body and Blood of Christ is Real and not just bread and wine.

G2.LO16 - Visualize the Holy Qurbana.

Annunciation of our Lord (Suboro)

G2.LO17 - Analyze the Icon of the Annunciation, and illustrate the important teachings of the Feast.

G2.LO18 - Emphasize that it was St. Mary's humility and obedience that led her to accept the invitation from the angel Gabriel to be the Mother of God.

G2.LO19 - Understand the "Peace to thee, Mary" prayer and relate it to the Annunciation.

Nativity of our Lord (Yeldo)

G2.LO20 - Introduce the Nativity icon, and explain how Jesus was born in a cave and laid in a manger.

G2.LO21 - Understand the importance and familiarize students about the Feast of the Nativity of our Lord.

G2.LO22 - Emphasize that Jesus was fully man and fully God.

G2.LO23 - Understand that Our Lord Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners.

Baptism of our Lord (Denaha)

G2.LO24 - Know that Denaha is celebrated each year on January 6.

G2.LO25 - Understand that the Feast of Theophany is the feast of Christ's baptism.

G2.LO26 - Recognize the meanings of the icon of the Baptism of Our Lord.


G2.LO27 - Understand the importance of reading the Holy Scriptures and being obedient to God’s commands in the Holy Bible.

G2.LO28 - Identify and distinguish between the 4 Gospels.

G2.LO29 - Identify the Old Testament and New Testament and when they are read in Holy Qurbana.

Liturgical Calendar

G2.LO30 - Define Liturgical Calendar and explain how it follows the life of Christ.

G2.LO31 - Know that the reason we repeat the "cycle" each year is to better understand Christ.

G2.LO32 - Define Feast, and talk about the Feasts of our Lord.

G2.LO33 - Identify when the major Feasts of the Church fall on the calendar, and understand which are fixed and which are movable.

Mission and Evangelism

G2.LO34 - Understand that Jesus loves us and we share that love with others.

G2.LO35 - Define mission and evangelism.


G2.LO36 - Define symbols.

G2.LO37 - Explore the different objects used in church symbolism.

G2.LO38 - Know that all symbols in the Church point us toward Christ.

G2.LO39 - Describe and demonstrate the gestures of the Holy Qurbana.


G2.LO40 - Understand the stories of Angels.

G2.LO41 - Define angels and their various roles.

G2.LO42 - Identify angels as mentioned in the Nicene Creed.

Sanctity of Life

G2.LO43 - Understand that human life is holy and precious.

G2.LO44 - Explain that all people are made in the image and likeness of God.

G2.LO45 - Understand that all life comes from God.

Mental Health

G2.LO46 - Relate that the Church cares and teaches about overall wellness as a means to find Fullness in Christ.

G2.LO47 - Observe that God created us body, mind, and soul and we must do what we can to take care of it.

G2.LO48 - Recognize that parents, teachers, and church leaders are resources for help during difficult times.

G2.LO49 - Identify ways to deal with stress, sharing, friendships, tantrums.