Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes are statements that describe the knowledge or skills a child should acquire by the end of a lesson. Each learning outcome begins with a verb that relates to Bloom's Taxonomy. The verb allows the teacher to know how to tailor their lesson to match what a child should know about that topic. 

You may notice that grades 1-4 begin with a lesson summary and grades 5-12 include lesson objectives. These are not to be confused with learning outcomes. The lesson summary and lesson objectives are meant for the children. The lesson summary gives a short summary of what the lesson entails. It was intentionally kept short, so that the students can quickly get an overview of what the lesson is about and what they should know by the end of the lesson. The lesson objectives all begin with "I can..". This was intentional, as the lesson objectives are written in a way that allows the child to understand what they should know by the end of the lesson. 

The learning outcomes are the meat and potatoes for a Sunday School lesson. They provide the teacher with a definitive idea of what the key takeaway is to a lesson. Remember, the textbook is one resource to teach the learning outcomes. Talmido, as well as many other Orthodox resources, are available to expand on and teach these learning outcomes.