Holy Priesthood

Meaning of Holy Priesthood (general priesthood of all faithful and particular priesthood of the specially called ones), roles and responsibilities, the different orders of priesthood. Study on the meaning of the vestments

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A reference is a referral to another's text or information and can refer to written sources (books, reports, articles), videos, Internet sites, images, etc. It can also refer to personal communication in the form of letters, e-mails or interviews. A reference is synonymous with a literary citation or citing a source.

The following materials are offered as sources for information and ideas but please remember to properly give credit if material is used in your writing! If you forget to use references, or your references are incomplete, your work can seem like an empty postulation or create suspicions of plagiarism.



  1. Sermon on the Departed Clergy, Fr. Vijay Thomas (Sts. Basil and Gregorios Orthodox Church, New Jersey)


Other Resources

  1. Orthodox Resource Guide, Fr. Abey George (pages 101-108)


In order to help our children grow in the Orthodox Faith in North America, a decision was made to standardize all materials to the Orthodox Study Bible (DSWA Kalpana DSWA/C/016/2010, October 28, 2010). Please continue to pray and support the development of a fully approved translation based on the Peshitta, and our textbooks will educate on the various translations and historic development of Scripture.

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Liturgical Resources

The Ministry of Liturgical Resource Development (LRD) was created in July of 2015 (DSWA Kalpana DSWA/C/10/2015, July 24,2015) to promote the translation, versification, and publication of vital English liturgical resources. Today most of our Sacramental offices are available and the "Service Book of the Holy Qurbono" and "Shehimo: Book of Common Prayer" are available in print. Wherever possible references will be made using LRD resources given the easy access to these materials to the faithful in North America.

Holy Qurbono

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Promion and Sedro

  • Great Friday Evening Prayer - Sedro (excerpt)
In this evening, with Your holy hands You divided Your life-giving body and gave Your companions to eat, and You mixed Your lordly (moronoyo) blood and gave them to drink and in it the New Covenant was confirmed for You bride, the Holy Church. In this evening, with the bread which was dipped, the deceit of Judas was made public and his impudence was revealed to the innocent disciples. In this evening, You saved the dumb animals from the knife of the sacrifices, and removed (it) by Your own Living Sacrifice. In this evening You put the shadows and figures to silence, and clearly revealed and placed (them) before us. In this evening, Levi abandoned his ministry and Aaron took leave from his peace-offerings. In this evening, the priesthood was handed over to the noble company of Simon, and they began to take charge over the divine treasury and to divide Your living body among the peoples of the earth and to give to drink Your pure blood to families and races. Behold today,in this evening, it has been given in all borders and regions for the forgiveness of debts and sins, according to the Lord’s commandment.


Patristic Quotes

Other Quotes

  • [HG Paulos Mar Gregorios] "A priest is always one who stands before God on behalf of others, interceding for them, offering their sacrifices. Jesus Christ is the one and only High Priest, the archetype of all priesthood. He did not offer the sacrifice of Himself for His own sake, but for the sake of the world, to reconcile the world to God."

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