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A reference is a referral to another's text or information and can refer to written sources (books, reports, articles), videos, Internet sites, images, etc. It can also refer to personal communication in the form of letters, e-mails or interviews. A reference is synonymous with a literary citation or citing a source.

The following materials are offered as sources for information and ideas but please remember to properly give credit if material is used in your writing! If you forget to use references, or your references are incomplete, your work can seem like an empty postulation or create suspicions of plagiarism.


  1. "Ecclesiology", Fr. Bijesh Philip (MOSC)
  2. "The Orthodox Parish in North America", Fr. Thomas Hopko (OCA)
  3. "Finding the New Testament Church", Fr. Jon E. Braun (Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of North America)
  4. "What Does Orthodox Mean?: The Doctrine, Worship and Values of the Church", Pres. Frederica Mathewes-Green (Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of North America)


  1. An Introduction to the Orthodox Worship Space, Presbytera Frederica Mathewes-Green (Theoria)
  2. What Does Unity Mean in the Orthodox Church?, Presbytera Frederica Mathewes-Green (Theoria)
  3. Parts of Indian Orthodox Church & Equipment used in Orthodox Church, OSSAEBODHANAM

Book Excerpts

  1. From Fr. Stephen De Young, Religion of the Apostles (pg. xvii) [Young, De Stephen. The Religion of the Apostles: Orthodox Christianity in the First Century. Chesterton, IN: Ancient Faith Publishing, 2021.]
The Orthodox Church has always professed its Faith to be the faith of the apostles. It does not teach that tis Faith somehow developed or evolved from that of the apostles or their teaching, nor that tis teaching began with the apostles and continued from there, nor that its teaching is merely a logical extension of apostolic teaching. Instead, the Church proclaims that its liturgical ritual and way of life are in complete continuity with that of the apostles.



In order to help our children grow in the Orthodox Faith in North America, a decision was made to standardize all materials to the Orthodox Study Bible (DSWA Kalpana DSWA/C/016/2010, October 28, 2010). Please continue to pray and support the development of a fully approved translation based on the Peshitta, and our textbooks will educate on the various translations and historic development of Scripture.

Liturgical Resources

The Ministry of Liturgical Resource Development (LRD) was created in July of 2015 (DSWA Kalpana DSWA/C/10/2015, July 24,2015) to promote the translation, versification, and publication of vital English liturgical resources. Today most of our Sacramental offices are available and the "Service Book of the Holy Qurbono" and "Shehimo: Book of Common Prayer" are available in print. Wherever possible references will be made using LRD resources given the easy access to these materials to the faithful in North America.

Holy Qurbono

  • Concluding Hymn, Sunday of the Renewal of the Church
Bless'd are You, O Holy Church
For You guard the One True Faith
The Lord who died for Your sake
Takes pride in Your faithfulness
O Church, dwell in purity
In the Christ, your True Bridegroom
Be joyful, O Holy Church
At this good and blessed feast

Other Hymns

Other Prayers

Promion and Sedro


Patristic Quotes

  • [St John Chrysostom] "The Church is a hospital, and not a courtroom, for souls. She does not condemn on behalf of sins, but grants remission of sins."
  • [St. John of Damascus] “We do not change the everlasting boundaries which our fathers have set but we keep the Tradition, just as we received it.”
  • [St. John Chrysostom] "If you came to the Church to look for holy people, you were wrong. If you come here to seek God, you made the right choice."
  • [St. Justin Popovic] “The Church is ecumenical, catholic, God-human, ageless, and it is therefore a blasphemy — an unpardonable blasphemy against Christ and against the Holy Spirit — to turn the Church into a national institution, to narrow her down to petty, transient, time-bound aspirations and ways of doing things. Her purpose is beyond nationality, ecumenical, all-embracing: to unite all men in Christ, all without exception to nation or race or social strata."

Other Quotes

  • [Fr. Thomas Hopko] "An Orthodox parish has only one God-given reason for being. It exists to be the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Christ. Whatever the original reasons and conditions for its founding, whatever other services and activities it may provide, whatever other desires and needs it may fulfill for its members, a community of Orthodox Christians must be Christ’s one holy Church. If it is not, then it is neither Christian nor Orthodox, whatever else it may be and do."
  • [St. Paisios of Mount Athos] "If you want to help the Church, it is better to try to correct yourself, rather than be looking to correct others. If you manage to correct yourself, one small part of the Church is immediately corrected. Naturally, if everyone did the same, the body of the Church would be in good health. But, today, people concern themselves with anything but themselves. You see, judging others is easy, whereas working on yourself takes effort.”
  • [Fr. John Behr] “Each person has to be responsible for themselves coming to Church and being a member of the Church. Why are you coming to this Church is what we should ask people ... just because my parents did and my parents before that did? Or is it because I believe that here I encounter the Lord of all Creation of this history, the one sitting at the right hand of the Father, tangibly... perceptibly .. ?"
  • [Met. Kallistos Ware] "To me, the most important missionary witness that we have is the Divine Liturgy, the Eucharistic worship of the Orthodox Church. This is the life-giving source from which everything else proceeds. And therefore, to those who show an interest in Orthodoxy, I say, 'Come and see. Come to the liturgy.'”
  • [H.H. Pope Shenouda III] "Youth without its church are youth without their future. And a church without its youth is a church without its future."
  • [Fr. Arnold Bernstein] "The goal of the Christian is not to “get to heaven” as to a locale, but rather to grow into deepening communion with God by acquiring the Holy Spirit, beginning in this life and continuing forever. Similarly, the Church does not see herself as sending people to heaven or hell, any more than God sends people there. Rather, the Church is the hospital for sinners, preparing people for the experience that all will have being in the presence of God. The only real question is what effect seeing God will have on us."
  • [Elder Sophrony of Essex] “The Divine Liturgy is the way we know God and the way God becomes known to us...Every Divine Liturgy is a Theophany. The Body of Christ appears. Every member of the Church is an icon of the Kingdom of God. After the Divine Liturgy we must continue to iconify the Kingdom of God, keeping His commandments. The glory of Christ is for Him to bear His fruit in every member.”
  • [Fr. John Meyendorff] "The new reality made available to the world by the Incarnation of the Word and made effective in the Church through the operation of the Holy Spirit is not a mere sum of knowledge, but a New Life. It is transformation, a transfiguration of our being. We do not achieve it simply by reading the Word of God or through a knowledge of dogmas, but by dying and rising again with Christ in baptism, by receiving the seal of the Spirit in Confirmation, by becoming members of the actual Body of Christ in the Eucharist, and finally by making progress in ever greater knowledge, until we attain the 'stature of the man made in Jesus Christ' (Eph 4:13)."
  • [Fr. Alexander Schmemann] "I propose we turn our attention to the Sacrament of the Eucharist and to the Church, whose very life flows from that Sacrament ... it is not reform, adjustments and modernization that are needed so much as a return to that vision and experience that from the beginning constituted the very life of the Church."
  • [Bishop Kallistos Ware] "We preserve the Doctrine of the Lord uncorrupted, and firmly adhere to the Faith he delivered to us, and keep it free from blemish and diminution, as a Royal Treasure, and a monument of great price, neither adding anything, nor taking anything from it. This idea of living continuity is summed up for the Orthodox in the one word “Tradition.”
  • [Bishop Kallistos Ware] "Each social unit - the family, the school, the workshop, the parish, the Church universal - is to be made an ikon of the Triunity. Because we know that God is three in one, each of us is committed to living sacrificially in and for the other; each is committed to to irrevocably to a life of practical service, of active compassion."
  • [Archbishop Fulton Sheen] “They do not really hate the Church. They hate only what they mistakenly believe to be the Church. If I had heard the same lies about the Church they have heard, and if I had been taught the same historical perversions as they, with my own peculiar character and temperament, I would hate the Church ten times more than they do.”
  • [Sarah Byrne-Martelli, from the book Memory Eternal (Living with grief as Orthodox Christians)] “After destroying death by dying, Christ established for us the Church. This Church is a gift from God to guide us through life and into Christ and His eternity. It is through the Church that we are grafted to God in baptism. It is through the Church that we are fed by God in the Eucharist. It is in the Church that we encounter God through real Christian fellowship and caring. It is in the Church that we are given tools to understand our meaning and discover our vocations. It is in the Church that we become Christians and ourselves reclaim His world to make it holy.”

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