Academic Year 2022-2023 Announcement

May it please Your Graces, Respected Achens, Deacons, Sunday School Admin Team, Principals, Teachers, and Parents,

There are questions about the status of the remaining four lessons of Sunday School textbooks to be published. The Sunday School Curriculum Committee of the American Dioceses understands your concerns and difficulty in coming up with material to effectively teach the learning outcomes of those unpublished lessons to the children. Therefore, we evaluated the lessons' progress for all grades. After a detailed review, it is deemed that it would be appropriate to publish only 12 lessons during this academic year. Lesson 12 will be published this week. The reasons for waiting to post the remaining four lessons are the following:

  1. The material available currently with the Curriculum Committee for the remaining four lessons needs thorough revision, rewriting, and sometimes, more research to make them reflect the faith, tradition, and practices of the MOSC as well to make it grade and age-appropriate and to reflect learning outcomes or lesson goals properly.
  2. The Curriculum Committee believes in publishing material of high standards, and if we publish anything now beyond the 12 lessons, we fear that they will be below par.
  3. We will publish the remaining lessons during the summer months, and when the new academic year starts, all 16 lessons will be available neatly formatted like the first 12.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

We seek your continued prayers and support in this endeavor.

Thank you and prayers,


For the SS Curriculum Committee, Jacob Mathew Achen