1st Grade

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Holy Trinity

G1.LO1 - Explain that the Mystery of the Church is one that we cannot explain but accept by Faith.

G1.LO2 - Recognize in the Nicene Creed that we believe in One True God and that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are also described.

G1.LO3 - Use the example of the Sign of the Cross, and how we always remember the 3 Persons of the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), whenever we remember God.

G1.LO4 - Recognize in Liturgy to make the Sign of the Cross whenever we glorify the Trinity.

God the Father

G1.LO5 - Recognize the First person of the Holy Trinity, the Father, along with the Son and Holy Spirit.

G1.LO6 - Relate Jesus calling the Father “My Father” (Mt 11:27) to how Jesus introduces God as as Your Father (Lk 6:36)

G1.LO7 - Understand how God is Our Father by relating that He is both your Father and my Father, and that we are His children

G1.LO8 - Understand that the Father loves you.

Jesus Christ

G1.LO9 - Generalize the Life of Christ.

G1.LO10 - Identify Jesus as the Son of God.

G1.LO11 - Identify Jesus as born of St. Mary and God become man.

G1.LO12 - Express the Love of Jesus Christ.


G1.LO13 - Identify that when Adam & Eve sinned, humanity's relationship with God changed and sin entered the world.

G1.LO14 - Identify sin as anything that takes us away from God and sin caused death to enter the world.

G1.LO15 - Understand that God saves us from death because He loves us.

G1.LO16 - Visualize what "saving" means using simple analogies

G1.LO17 - Inspect the Resurrection icon and understand that Christ saves Adam & Eve; therefore all of humanity.

G1.LO18 - Connect the Tree of Life to Holy Qurbana.

Holy Spirit

G1.LO19 - Understand the Holy Spirit as God.

G1.LO20 - Describe the work of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives.

G1.LO21 - Introduce the work of the Holy Spirit as the Perfector of Sacraments.

G1.LO22 - Visualize the Holy Spirit descending as a dove at Theophany and as tongues of fire at Pentecost.


G1.LO23 - Understand that the Church is a worshipping community filled with the love and peace of God.

G1.LO24 - Understand that we can come to Church to receive complete healing of sins.

Holy Priesthood

G1.LO26 - Recognize the Priest as a loving father and shepherd for the flock and the one chosen/ordained by the Holy Spirit through the bishop to administer the sacraments.

G1.LO27 - Study the meaning of the vestments.

Blessing of the Home

G1.LO28 - Understand how the blessing of the house makes it into a home.

G1.LO29 - Recognize that home is where God lives and with God we live to become like God.

G1.LO30 - Understand that the home is the mini Church.

Feast of the Holy Cross (Sleeba)

G1.LO31 - Understand the action of making the sign of the Holy Cross, the motion of it, the meaning of it, the power of it, and the use of it.

G1.LO32 - Identify the places we see the Holy Cross.

Church Fathers

G1.LO33 - Understand that our Church Fathers are great teachers and guides of the Holy Church.

Diversity and Inclusion

G1.LO34 - Understand that God made us man and woman, and in His image and likeness.

G1.LO35 - Discuss how we should respond if we see someone who does not look like us.

G1.LO36 - Recognize that everyone is unique and being different is not "ugly".

G1.LO37 - Understand that name calling and other actions we do may cause people to feel bad.

Christian Stewardship

G1.LO38 - Understand what stewardship means.

G1.LO39 - Understand the roles of a Christian steward.

G1.LO40 - Understand our responsibility as caretakers and stewards of creation.

Christian Ethics

G1.LO41 - Understand how our faith informs our behavior and the choices we make.

G1.LO42 - Recognize the image and likeness of God in every person.